Logo design tips

A few simple tips to creating a beautiful logo.


Keep the number of fonts in your logo 2 or less. we suggest using a different font for your slogan to give your logo aome contrast. see example below.

  • Purple flower mirror logo sample
  • Purple baby stroller logo sample
  • Red oil paint abstract figure logo
  • Red and black text based logo sample


Try experimenting with the logo layout. see examples below.

  • Classic

    Abstract camera shutter logo sample
  • Centered

    Jumping green deer logo sample
  • Staggered

    Yellow and red video editing logo sample
  • Stacked

    Red piano tech logo sample
  • Enclosed

    Red tree outline logo sample
  • Layered

    Green chef hat logo sample


The Color in your logo Will set the fill for your entire brand, review the chart below to see what color will be best represented your business

  • Yellow: Intellect, Knowledge, Optimism, Youth
  • Red: Passion, Anger, Energy, Love, Courage
  • Green: Wealth, Energy, Healing, Success, Growth
  • White: Purity, Innocence, Healing, Perfection, Clean
  • Black: Formal, Luxury, Secrecy, Power
  • Purple: Royalty, Spirituality, Imagination, Mystery
  • Blue: Trust, Wisdom, Clam, Peace, Cool
  • Orange: Creativity, Vibrant, Unique, Stimulation
  • Gray: Balance, Neutrality, Sophistication, Dependable


When effect are used properly they can add a nice finishing touch to your logo see below the example of effects done right.

  • Drop Shadow

    Basketball player globe logo sample
  • Bevel

    Gray bull and laurel logo graphic
  • Stroke

    White star in box abstract logo sample