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Logo design tips

A few simple tips to creating a beautiful logo.


Keep the number of fonts in your logo 2 or less. we suggest using a different font for your slogan to give your logo aome contrast. see example below.


Try experimenting with the logo layout. see examples below.

  • Classic

  • Centered

  • Staggered

  • Stacked

  • Enclosed

  • Layered


The Color in your logo Will set the fill for your entire brand, review the chart below to see what color will be best represented your business

  • Yellow: Intellect, Knowledge, Optimism, Youth
  • Red: Passion, Anger, Energy, Love, Courage
  • Green: Wealth, Energy, Healing, Success, Growth
  • White: Purity, Innocence, Healing, Perfection, Clean
  • Black: Formal, Luxury, Secrecy, Power
  • Purple: Royalty, Spirituality, Imagination, Mystery
  • Blue: Trust, Wisdom, Clam, Peace, Cool
  • Orange: Creativity, Vibrant, Unique, Stimulation
  • Gray: Balance, Neutrality, Sophistication, Dependable


When effect are used properly they can add a nice finishing touch to your logo see below the example of effects done right.

  • Drop Shadow

  • Bevel

  • Stroke