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Logo Examples

Big Brand Logo Examples for Your Inspiration

When designing your own logo or ordering a custom design it's good to look at some logo examples for inspiration prior to initiating the process. You can find countless lists of logo examples online, even narrowed down by the type of design, that will give you a great starting point. The key to memorable and professional logo design is keeping things simple. What you will notice when looking at Fortune 500 company logos, or branding of other large corporations, they pretty much all follow that rule. They do so for a good reason.

To help you illustrate our point we asked our designers to round up their favourite big brand logos. These logo examples show that just because you can add lots of effects and complications to your logo you don't have to. There is a time and place and you really can't go wrong by keeping it simple. If it works for Apple, Amazon and GM it will most likely work for your brand too.


Ready to Design Your Own Logo?

With GraphicSprings you have the option to design your own logo or order custom design. Whichever route you take keep the logo examples above in mind.