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Is It Time For a Logo Redesign? Logo Generator

A strong logo can have a huge impact on your business. Some companies get it right the first time and never need to redo or adjust their logo again. However, more often than not, a logo should be tweaked in order to keep up with trends, shifts, and changes in the company — since a logo should always be a reflection of those. At times, perhaps if you have had a logo for a long time, there may be reason to completely change it, as it may not speak to your customers as well as it did before.

In this article, we will discuss the logo redesign process, and how you can know when the right time may be to redesign your logo, or get a completely new one using our logo generator. Changing your logo can seem daunting, but refurbishing a logo can pay off significantly. Here are some crucial questions to ask when you might be considering a logo change.

Has your business grown or changed?

This is an important question to ask yourself, because if you have recently added an entirely new category of new products, grown your headquarters or increased your staff, then it may be time to change your logo too.

What is your competition like?

Understanding your competitors can be critical in many aspects of your business, including logo design. What are your competitors' logos like? What icons are most commonly used? What kind of design do they have? Once you understand what your competitors are doing, you can identify what they are missing and capitalize by doing it even better. A strong logo redesign can help show your customers that you are the best and most up to date business.

Have you gained a new audience recently?

If you have conducted any research on your customers, you may notice that you have gained an audience of a certain demographic. It may be that in the past you've had a strong loyal base, but now are wanting to reach a new audience or speak to younger customers. When you redesign a logo, it can help you connect to a new audience, while still preserving your loyal customer base.

Have you changed your company's values or mission?

You may have noticed that while your business grows, it evolves slowly into something new. Your company, just like a person, has a personality that can change or grow throughout the course of time. If you notice that your mission or values have evolved, it should be reflected in your logo as well.

Is your logo outdated?

This may seem like an obvious question, but it is important to ask it. You have to really evaluate when you made your current logo and if it looks dated in today's modern era. You don't only want to ask if the aesthetic is dated, but if the design is compatible with the technology of today. Is it on your website? How does it look on mobile devices? These are all important to consider if you are looking to redesign your logo.

Once you have asked these questions, you may be at the crossroads. Do you want to redesign your logo or create a completely new logo? Knowing what is best for you and your company is essential to the decision, but here are a few things to consider when you want to know what to do.

Logo Redesign or Brand New Logo?

Just refreshing your logo is far less dramatic. When you refresh a logo, you work with the design elements that are already in place and go from there. You just make small shifts to your logo by adding things like new messages, updating colors or simplifying the entire look.

A logo redesign, on the other hand, is dramatic and requires you to start at the beginning of the logo design process. You can change the colors completely, a new take on the company's name, or create new messages that target new audiences.

Look at your current logo and find what isn't working

Reflect on the previous questions above, and address what aspects of your logo is not working or is confusing. Does your logo not reflect your values and mission?

What parts of the logo need to stay?

You don't have to start completely from scratch when you do a redesign. Before you completely deconstruct your old logo, find what design elements were working, and represented your business adequately. This could be a certain color, the font or the shapes within your logo.

How strong is the connection of your logo to your customers?

This question is huge because a challenge could arise if you change your logo and it disrupts the visual connection with the customers you already have. You may need to take some time to understand how your customers identify your logo as it relates to your business, and the potential consequences of rebranding. Will it make your customers confused, or will they be able to connect the dots between your old and new logos?

Once you've asked these key questions and completed the research to confidently move forward with either a logo redesign or a completely new logo, then GraphicSprings can help you with this process!

We have several tools that can help you with either process.

You can use our free logo generator and browse through our gallery of high-quality graphic templates and customize that logo to make it your own. Our templates are categorized by industry, with hundreds of options to choose from! When you use our logo generator, you can edit the graphic for free and change the font, shapes, and colors. With click and drag, it's easy to personalize and find aspects of your previous logo into a new one. You can even create a logo within minutes. Once you have finalized your logo, you can save and download it for only $19.99.

If you don't want to use our logo generator and are wanting to just make a few alterations or just update your logo, GraphicSprings has a team of highly experienced graphic designers who are ready to help you adjust needed alterations to your logo or create the logo of your business dreams! GraphicSprings design studio can provide your professional logo design if you would like for only $149! You can find more information here.