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Free Logo Maker

A Do-It-Yourself Logo Design Solution

Create a Beautiful Logo Design for Your Business

Whether for a business or your personal brand, you can create a custom logo in seconds using our free logo maker online tool. Rather than spend a fortune on hiring a professional logo designer, get your own unique logo design in minutes using our logo maker, and download high resolution files for just $19.99 to use whenever or however you want. The process is simple — use our logo creator to make a logo design, and have your new custom logo ready to download in minutes. Try our logo maker free today.


Why Choose Our Business Logo Maker

One of the main benefits of using GraphicSprings' design tool is that you can put together a logo for your brand or business in literal seconds. All you have to do is enter your business or brand name and tagline, choose from our image templates, and download your high resolution files. Of course, you can also customize your logo design as much as you want, which will take slightly longer, but the process will remain simple and easy throughout.

Logo Creation Made Easy

There are many reasons why GraphicSprings can transform your professional brand. Here are just a few of the features that make GraphicSprings better than the rest.

Vast Template Library

If you want a professional logo, but don't want to create something entirely from scratch, our huge library of templates will help you to create your own logo without having to hire a graphic designer. Choose design options from every industry, from sports to construction, to medicine and more.

Full Customization With Our Logo Creator

Not only do you have hundreds of graphic logo templates to choose from, but you can also customize your logo in numerous ways. From original designs and fonts for your logo text, to variations on graphics, colors, vector shapes, and more. Whatever you need for your logo, we can get it done.

Unlimited Downloads

Once you have paid the $19.99 for your logo design, you will then have unrestricted access to it whenever you need. Once you download your high resolution files, they are all yours, and no additional payment is required to make edits or re-download in the future.


The most important thing to us is that you are satisfied with your online logo creation. That is why we offer any support that you need, and if you want a more personal full service experience than our logo generator offers, you can hire our custom logo design service.

The process of creating a free logo design with our logo maker software is simple:

How to Create Your Own Logo

  1. Enter Your Name: To get started enter your business and slogan. If you don't have a slogan simply leave that field empty. A tip to remember, if you have a really long business name shorten it or leave off legal terms like inc, llc, etc.
  2. Choose Design: The next step is to browse our large selection of templates. You can sort by category or search by specific keyword. Once you find a logo design concept you like simply click on it to start the customization process.
  3. Edit: This step is where you get to put on your artist hat and modify your design. Don't rush this process and make sure you inject your own flair so this truly represents what you and your company stand for. You can either start with the font selection or get straight to the graphic. You can customize colors, effects, layout, spacing and more. Before you finalize your design make sure you get some feedback from family, friends or business partners.
  4. Save and Download: Once you are completely satisfied with your design you can download your logo instantly. Pay just $19.99 and get high resolution files for unlimited use! If you aren't ready to purchase yet simply save your draft and return later to finish when creativity strikes again.

It really is that easy! So use our logo maker now and get started on creating your professional logo. In just a few minutes you can make a logo that will set your brand apart from the rest and one that is easiyl identifiable on social media.


Logo Designs Made With Our Logo Creator

Thousands of entrepreneurs just like yourself use our application to come up with beautiful branding that can be used on business cards and other products. Here are some recent samples of concepts and icons created with our application. Don't worry if you don't have a design background to create logo. The onboarding process is simple and straight forward. Once you're in the editor you are presented with an intuitive interface.


Standout from the Competition with a Unique Logo

Being able to stand out from your competition is crucial to the success of your venture. One way of achieving this is through clever branding. Of course, a well-designed brand won't suffice if your product or service is subpar. As a smart entrepreneur, you probably have that part already covered, ensuring a great customer experience. Your branding needs to capture that excellence in the form of a unique and memorable logo.

How do you go about creating a unique logo? Here are some quick tips to design a brand that will be more memorable and recognizable than your competitors:

  • Keep it simple: For a logo to be memorable it needs to be simple in nature. This doesn't mean you can't get creative or come up with something unique. When you choose a logo graphic to represent your brand identity go for design elements with clean lines and don't overdo color.
  • Don't copy your competitors' style: This should go without saying but don't copy industry design cliches or your competitors' color schemes. Find out what is unique about your business and find a color combo, graphic, and font that best captures that.
  • Think outside the box: You don't have to follow a traditional logo design layout. You aren't confined to placing your graphic to the left of your business name. You can go for an icon alone and skip the name, vice versa or any other layout combination that hasn't been used by any of your competitors. With GraphicSprings you can play around for hours until you come up with a unique logo for your brand.
  • Creative promotion: Once you come up with a unique logo don't get lazy and fall back on traditional marketing methods. Give your unique logo even more leverage by showcasing it in cool ways across out-side-of-the-box marketing stunts.

How Can I Use My Custom Logo?

Did you design the perfect logo for your business with GraphicSprings's logo generator? Did you gather feedback from your business partners, stakeholders and loved ones? If you found a winner, it's time to download your files and put them to use. You can utilize your premium custom logo free in multiple ways to promote and grow your brand through print, video, apps and across the web.

Business Cards and Stationery

Even though we live in a digital world business cards are still one of the most popular ways to show off your custom logo. When you integrate your logo into your business card design make sure it matches in terms of brand colors and uses a suitable font. The same goes for any other stationery products.


Another popular way of showing off your business brand is through apparel. Before you order apparel make sure you do your research. Type of apparel and sizing are just as important as the logo placement. With those details sorted it's easy to order apparel for you and your employees as well as for your customers as promotional gifts.

Web Presence

Of course, one of the very first ways for most entrepreneurs to show off their branding is through their website. GraphicSprings offers logo file formats and sizing that are optimized for web use. Not only can you easily use your logo on your website but anywhere else online. Implement your logo across your social media channels, email footers, blog and much more.

Other Branding

Other ways to show off your logo are through car decals, shop sign, trade show banners, flyers, posters, and much more. Whatever promotional idea you can think of, GraphicSprings got the right logo files to support you.


Benefits of a Free Logo Maker

GraphicSprings is one of the top logo makers. We recognised the need for a quality online logo maker early on. Thousands of entrepreneurs like yourself use our solution every day to create a logo. A logo creator isn't for everyone but there are lots of great benefits that may make it the ideal solution for your small business branding needs.

  • Unlimited concepts: One of the major benefits is that you can design as many concepts as you like. Only buy when you are satisfied.
  • Predesigned templates: Access to a large database of amazing logo templates makes the process quick and easy, even if you don't have a design background.
  • Instant access: Once you land on the perfect design you can download your logo in the file format and size you need to promote your company instantly, like PNG, PDF or JPG.
  • No risk: Using a logo maker free comes with no financial risk to you. You aren't bound to make an upfront payment like with a traditional logo designer or design agency that's in the logo business.
  • Unlimited editing: If you want to tweak your logo colors, business name, layout, or anything you can change it at any time. No need to wait for a designer to make custom changes for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide my email to use the logo maker?

You aren't required to register or share your email to try our logo maker. Have fun designing your company logo concepts!

How long does it take to create a logo?

How much time you take with the creative process is up to you. Our onboarding is quick and easy and our editing features are intuitive.

How can I make my own company logo?

To launch our logo design software simply click the 'Create Your Logo' button. Follow the onboarding process from there.

What type of files will I get from the logo maker?

Once you finalize your logo you'll have the option to access your logo in different file formats and sizes.

Can brands designed with the logo maker be copyrighted?

We don't provide copyright services. To seek trademark protection you'll need to consult with an IP lawyer in your jurisdiction.

Can I make unlimited changes to templates with the logo maker?

Yes, you can change the graphic, font, colors, effects, layout, etc. until you are completely satisfied with your design.

If you feel as though you need something for your company that extends beyond our logo creator free application, you can also purchase our custom logo design service. For this service, our team of designers will provide you with three original logo concepts based on your tastes and branding thoughts, delivering them and the exclusive rights within days.


What is a logo maker? A logo maker is web-based applications that allows users to create their own logo in minutes using templates organized by categories like restaurant, beauty and fitness.

• How can I add images to my logo? With GraphicSprings you can select from thousands of different graphics and add shapes, but you can't add your own images when you create logo.

• What features are available on the logo maker tool? Our logo maker offers lots of advanced editing features that makes it easy to customize a free logo design.

• Can I download a transparent logo? Yes, you can download your logo in PNG format which is the transparent version.

• What makes a good logo? Keeping it simple is best for good logo design. Stick to three colors, choose a memorable graphic and don't overdo the effects when you use our logo creator free.

• Is this really a free logo maker? With GraphicSprings' logo maker create unlimited concepts for free. There is a fee to download your premium logo from your account in various high-resolution file formats.

• Can I add slogans to my logo? Yes, you can easily add a slogan to your logo with the click of a button. Simply click the 'add tagline' button and write your slogan to complete this easy step.

Do you offer online support? Yes, our friendly support staff is available via email to answer your questions. Feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or if you want to learn more.


Praise From Our Users


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"Awesome web app guys! I'm a repeat users and have gotten lots of compliments for my branding from customers, business partners and even friendly competitors. I'll be back for my next project."

Ellena Cortez, Yoga Viva

"Love your design templates. Everything is easier when you start with a solid foundation. Being able to browse hundreds of beautiful designs sorted by industry is super cool. I was able to customize my logo completely. I'm really proud of it and showing it off everywhere I can."

Huma Morley, Bort Accounting

"I have recommended GraphicSprings to all my entrepreneurial friends. Great job building a branding solution for small business owners like myself. I was very happy with my design and your support team. Thanks again!"

Spencer Wallace, Bouquet Inc

"I had a great experience with your branding tools! Not only did I come up with a cool logo in a few minutes but I also got stationery and other marketing designs. For anybody looking for a quick yet professional solution to turn their business idea into a visual representation I recommend GraphicSprings."

Sveda Weiss, Guild Nation

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