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How To Come Up With A Great Name For Your Small Business Or Web Start-up

Entrepreneurs invest a lot of time researching and validating business ideas – rightfully so. More than ever, business owners also understand the importance of developing quality brands. A lot of time is spent on developing the perfect logo but all too often the process of coming up with a business name is an afterthought.

This post covers a few methods and tools to come up with a great name for your web start-up or small business. With a business name in place, that truly reflects your vision and business' personality, you can start designing the perfect logo with our logo maker.

Old-Fashioned Brainstorm

Technology is wonderful but sometimes grabbing a pen and notepad can be most effective. This is an exercise that should be done first and will help get your creative juices flowing. Not only will it help come up with lots of different names but will help you envision your logo design as you write out the name on paper.

Study Industry and Competitor Logos

What kind of business names and slogans are your competitors using in their logos? Are they short, bold, detailed, trendy? Studying your competitors can help you come up with some ideas of your own. Don't take the famous “Good artists copy, great artists steal" quote to literally. You want your logo to have a unique name and look and not be caught up in litigation.

Enlist the Help of the Creative Masses

If you are struggling to come up with a name on your own you can always turn to one of the crowdsourcing platforms. The power of the masses would certainly provide some new perspective and ideas. These sites typically charge a fee to post a business naming contest however.

Business Name Generators

There are a lot of free tools available to automatically generate business names. You can either define the root of the name or let the software generate a completely random name. These tools can be fun and get you one step closer to deciding on a great name.

Once you have taken the time to come up with a fitting name the fun really begins. Use our free logo maker to design unlimited design concepts. Carefully compare the mockups and then choose the most suitable logo for your exciting project.